What makes the society vain?

September 7, 2012
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Indeed. An intriguing question: What makes the society vain? As constantly referred in the former chapter; society is vain. Let’s try to figure out and answer the most disturbing yet concerning question, why?

What’s the most basic key of human survival and existence? It is its ability to reproduce. How is reproduction so fundamental to us? The answer is very obvious. It is due to this very trait, that we as social beings are driven by the tendency to catch attention or to attract. Everyone has their own way of doing so; some by making it very apparent while some keeping a low profile to naturally catch attention. That one thing, on which most humans tend to form first opinions, is appearance.

Yes, let’s face it. Looks do matter. This does not, by any means, imply that they should matter. It’s innately just there. It is absolutely human to form first impressions by the looks of a person. In fact, it’s not really voluntary, it’s just there. When society can judge you on something as primal as looks, what do you expect of its nature? When the society can already form a viewpoint or a prejudice or a stereotype, by the very looks of you, how shallow or deep is its perception? And come on, looks are something that one has no control over, it’s nature-given. Sure, you can make efforts to maintain and alleviate it but that does not change the fact that looks are mostly genetic and dependent on one’s luck. Even then, due to its primal nature, society will judge you on something as primal as that. By what right? Right to form opinions? Right to freedom of expression? Shouldn’t you be judged on your merits? Merits that are your hard work not some privilege that’s nature given.

Now you see why is society vain due to its most intrinsic tendency? If not looks, then probably your religion, if not religion, then probably your vocation, if not vocation then something out of the blue. But do any of these really explain the kind of person you are?

The moral of the story? Quit it. Quit trying to satisfy the insatiable demands put forth by the society. Live in a way that helps you answer your conscience in your deathbed. Live for yourself.

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