Nirvana: Not a State of Mind

August 29, 2012
By dragonslayer41861 SILVER, Sacramento, California
dragonslayer41861 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Nirvana is known to a point in one’s life where he rises above feelings of suffering desire. In the Buddhist and Hindu religions Nirvana marks an end to the cycle of reincarnation and self awareness. When one reaches Nirvana he becomes a part of everything in the universe and. To me Nirvana has nothing to do with reincarnation or religion. It is only a point in one’s life when he adopts an acceptance that puts him at peace with himself and the world around him.
There is no promise that everyone will find Nirvana. Many people will go through life never hearing the word let alone understanding what it means. For others that is all that Nirvana is: a word. Many see Nirvana as a purely religious idea meant only for those in the religions that it originated in. Nirvana has different meanings for different people and many people completely misunderstand it.
A man may go through his life continually searching for his Nirvana and never find it. Meanwhile a man that has no knowledge of the idea of Nirvana may find it completely by accident. Nirvana is not a thing one can reach by his own prowess and skill. Many people find their own form of Nirvana in drugs and alcohol, but this is no Nirvana. Drowning their problems does not solve them or make them go away because they will always be there when one returns to reality. Nirvana is not just release from pain; it is much more than that.
A mother may find Nirvana in the sound of her child’s laughter. Nirvana is not something to be found once and forever have. One must find Nirvana in their everyday life and cherish those moments of peace and happiness. To truly experience Nirvana one must first learn to appreciate the little things in life and not take any moment for granted.
For those religious followers that would argue that Nirvana is solely for the religious I have but one question. Have you found your Nirvana? You cannot take the opportunity of Nirvana away from any person because it is not yours to take. To those that would say Nirvana is does not exist: if you have had a moment of true happiness in which you forgot your troubles and were at peace then you have experienced your Nirvana.
Nirvana has many different meanings that change with religion, experiences, and even age, but I believe Nirvana is not a state of mind. It is a way of life. Live life in the moment because you never know what moment will be your last. This is the way of Nirvana.

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