Human civilization is doomed to survive

August 21, 2012
By Smileschangelives BRONZE, Manti, Utah
Smileschangelives BRONZE, Manti, Utah
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All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.
-Henry David Thoreau

I have so often heard people say that humans are destined to fail. That we will eventually either destroy each other or use up any resources we have and will die off one by one, country after country and civilization after civilization. To me this seems unlikely. For every fault in the human makeup, there are always confronting attributes to redeem us. No, not everyone has these saint attributes in tune, which brings me to my declaration that the human race is doomed to survive.

Throughout history it has become self-evident that humans are self-destructive creates, and through harming themselves they effect and destroy the very society in which they live. An great example would be in the year 1911 when one of China’s greatest dynasties collapsed because of an opium addiction. It caused the very framework of their way of life fall apart simply because they could not control themselves, let alone those around them. It is not the bridge, but the bricks that make it up that deserved acknowledgement.

Following my previous paragraph, I’d like to explain exactly why humans make these imbecilic dives into self-ruin. They say that pride is the fall of man, but I believe that it is not the only cause. Humans are naturally selfish, self-preserving, jealous, lazy, lustful, glutinous and greedy creatures. If there is any opportunity for superiority above others we seize onto it like a child to a bottle. In short, we look out for only ourselves despite the consequences to others welfare. In a way, this makes sense. You can’t have a functional community without each piece working well, but you also can’t have a functional community if everyone looks out for themselves. That my friends will never work because everything works better if we work together.

Taking into account my last paragraph on basic human downfalls in nature, I’d like you to consider the upsides to our existences. There are many people still who have a conscience. There are many people who put others before themselves and sacrifice their needs for the welfare of others. This is many ways is societies saving grace. It is a common known saying that “good cannot be without evil.” This is exactly why I say that our very survival is our doom. We will NEVER be truly happy or at peace. For every good person there must be two wrong-doers to combat her every effort? Why is this? Well, it is the way of the universe. You can never experience happiness without first knowing grief. You wouldn’t know what it is. The same goes for our survival.

In basic terms, the human race will always exist. No matter how many self-destructive people are out there, there are those out there with the basic surviving qualities that will forever exist, like the battle between good and evil. When I say that our very existence is our doom, it is because our existence creates grief and unhappiness. We can never be happy because we cannot live without our destructive brothers and sisters, and vice versa. We will forever know grief, and we will forever know happiness. We will never fall completely apart because there are survivors out there. There are those people who provide for themselves; that are true leaders and that will overcome the selfish tendencies of their pupils.

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Just something I wrote up at random. Hope you like it.

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