The Process of Life

August 19, 2012
By musiclovewriting PLATINUM, Harrodsburg, Kentucky
musiclovewriting PLATINUM, Harrodsburg, Kentucky
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Sometimes life can feel like a process. A process that leads to many choices we have to make, many paths that lead to that one thing we want most, but can’t actually figure it out. What is it that we are yearning for? The truth is…we don’t know what we want. As they always say money cannot buy happiness. Money buys objects, goods, things that eventually are no good and go to ruins. The machines are running, a few mechanical difficulties through the process, of what we call life. You waste your love on the wrong person, stress over load. This part of the process continues on as long as we let it keep going. The process of life is really of what we make it, in all different perspectives Once you find your right process and let that continue and grow, your life will give you what you desire for, showing you the light and goodness, you will have stronger faith and become more grateful of life. At the end of our process, we will all know whether we finished it, or whether the process finished itself. You will feel your fate and destiny from your own process of life.

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