August 20, 2012
By yourpersonaldiary BRONZE, Queens, New York
yourpersonaldiary BRONZE, Queens, New York
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Nowadays, I feel like nobody knows how to be themselves anymore. Originality seems to fading out each day and people are becoming more resistant on finding out their inner self. I feel like part of it stems from this generation. For the most part, we seem to follow what interest us and what relates to us but I think that is just an excuse to "follow the crowd". Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people and their aspiration to want to be like someone who inspires them, but I think at some point you have to make decisions for yourself based on your own capabilities and how much you can handle when an obstacle gets thrown your way. At the end of the day, you have to come to the conclusion that no matter what makes a big impact on your life you have to take control of your own self. Being yourself seems to have lost touch with this generation and that is an ongoing trait that I see daily. I'm not even speaking of the physical aspect of it.Some of us seek some type of emotional refuge in a certain person(s)and that is what leads me to think that people usually follow the one that somehow unleashes that mental barrier. People are beginning to seek themselves in other people and we should start looking in the mirror and reflect on what we do as an individual. We need to start searching for what makes us, US!

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