The meaning of life, what is it to me?

July 18, 2012
By lulabell BRONZE, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
lulabell BRONZE, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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Life is a journey that everybody has to face.It's a beautiful thing but to some it's dark as a black cloud.It 's filled with wonders, paths,regrets,and dreams. It can easily play tricks on you like a jack in a box.There are moments where life pops out of nowhere and hits us without notice.It makes us learn from our mistakes even if we keep repeating the same ones.It has meaning but do wee really know what the best description for it?It wants us to wish upon many things,take chances,fail sometimes, and accomplish whatever we have set ourselfs to accomplish.Even life is cruel and unfair at times.You never can know whats best to do till someone gets hurt or you get hurt.Life is something that some often take advantage or for granted but also somethign we dont think about as much as we really should. We give up on it to quickly and easily. We wait for miracles to happen when we know It wont happen anytime soon. When we give up thats when we start struggling the most and hurts us the most. The air we breathe in should be like breating in fresh picked flowers when we are constantly breathing in toxic. Life is something we need to take care as if it was our own living creature. Life is to precious just to wait around to do everything you ask it to do or wait for it to guide you.

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