July 21, 2012
“Being who you were meant to be.” Seems hard doesn’t it? Does wearing a shirt that couldn’t even fit an eight year old boy just to impress that new charming student make you shine? Or does having the newest brand name in shoes even if they’re not your style make you popular? No. What does money and fashion have to do with being you? Nothing. Nothing at all. It all just proves that you are the person who gets all the attention from following the crowd. Throw on some sweats and a T- shirt and go out, and just see how many funny looks you get. Does that matter? You’re being yourself aren’t you? Wear what you want and say what you feel. Will people think you’re a hot shot? No. Who cares? Go out in public with the weirdest looking shirt or hat instead of a vintage coach purse or one hundred dollar uggs and be normal. Why be normal when you were born to stand out? Be the one dancing when people are watching, and be the one going when people are stopping. Who cares? It’s your life. Not theirs’.

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