Abusive Parents

July 29, 2012
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The act when a parent hits or beats up their kid is repulsing to me. I don’t care how bad he or she acts as a parent you have no right to raise your hand upon your child. Unless like your in a situation where your kid is like a psycho killer and is chasing your with a knife then yeah it’s only to knock him or her down until the cops shows up. But most of the time those situation don’t really happen. What’ s really sad is that most abused kids don’t report or reach out for help because their scared and don’t trust anyone. Who can they trust if their own parent abusive them. I believe as a parent you have they duty to nurture and love your child. Not punch him or her around like a sand bag. Why raise a kid if your going to make their lives miserable. Fun fact most kids who are abusive at a young age become more likely to turn out abusive when they get older. So basically it’s like a virus spreading around. What really annoys me is that people actually get away from this crime. My driving instructor once told me that he saw one of his student covered with bruises and gash marks like something has been whipping him. So he reported to social services and they did nothing. Because it was part of their culture so it was okay. First off it’s not freaking okay and anybody who reads this please speak out if you or someone you know is being abused. Don’t be afraid to stand up.

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