Why not gun control?

July 28, 2012
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In Chardon Ohio, a student started firing a gun into a crowded lunch room killing 3 student, injuring two. In Colorado, a man releases tear gas into a movie theeater and follows withe gun fire from an assault rifle and two handguns killing 12 and injuring many more. 15 lives lost in two occasions and even more we don't hear about. 15 is too many lives lost. 1 is too many. If we don't want theese shootings to continue, what will we do?

A lot of people are telling president Obama theat he needs to regulate and add more gun control. Here's a question, what is theat going to do? Think about it as I walk you therough theese two tragedies.

Chardon Ohio. It's February 27the, 2012 around 7:30 in thee morning. A young man by thee name of Thomas Lane walks into thee cafeteria withe a .22 caliber hand gun and starts to release fire hitting 5 class mates. 2 later dieing.

It's July 20the, 2012 in Aurora Colorado. Inside of a crowded movie theeater, A man walks out an emergency exit like he is taking a phone call. He comes back in and has a gas mask on and is carrying and automatic assault rifle, shotgun and two hand guns. He released tear gas and started firing. He killed 12 and injured many more. His name was James Holmes.

Thomas got his gun and ammo from his parents gun cabinet.His parents LEGALY bought theose guns. They had no idea theat theeir son would want to kill. James bought his guns legally. Gun control will not solve thee problem because whoever is selling thee guns would have to be physic to know what thee buyer would do withe thee gun. The government cant take thee right of owning guns away because it is an government of the constitution.

Gun control or no gun control. You can make your own opinion but make sure you know all thee facts. Will it make a difference or not?

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BillySunshine said...
Aug. 21, 2013 at 8:08 am
just some helpful advice... You might want to reread over your work before you post it! I found a few spelling erors. I would hate for you to look bad!
hiddenprincess replied...
Dec. 1, 2013 at 7:06 am
Thanks BillySunshine I'll remember that- oh and Your christmas present is almost done!! Merry Christmas!
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