The Goodness Within

July 19, 2012
By nsn_495 GOLD, Manteca, California
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‘’Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.’’ –Anne Frank

Everyone has good in them. I believe in this with great fortitude. Despite an individual’s representation of the opposed. Even the world’s most famous criminals have shown some sort of decency or at the least, humanity.

Take Dylan Klebold for example. One of the shooters from history’s Columbine Massacre. When you think of him, you may vision a horrendous, psychopathic , teen. What you do not know, is there was humanity in him. As a child he attended St. Phillip’s Lutheran Church, advanced in cub scouts, and even cared for his two cats and pet bird. There is absolutely no excuse for the crimes committed. And as a parent or friend of one lost in the Columbine incident, you may view Dylan as nothing more than a murderer. It may be hard for you to believe that such a person can be good. Even so, everyone has a portion of goodness in them… Somewhere.

Likewise, you’ll come across people in your life you have known to practice bad habits. Or whom you make up your mind to be a bad person. I know, as I am guilty of this myself. I know a personage who might be categorized under someone, ‘’bad.’’ I heard of many things he had done, also hearing first hand from he himself on the same matter. He appeared as nothing less than a low life. He had stolen, cheated, fought, abused drugs, and was involved in a gang. ‘’There is no way,’’ I thought, ‘’that I could ever be friends with someone like you.’’ To me he was a truly bad person and would never change. Now I realize I was horribly wrong. As I got to know him I found he wasn’t this horrible monster I imagined him to be. He cares about others and his family. He laughs, cries, and feels just as the rest of us do. Underneath all the things he has carried out in the past, he is a good person. Just because you may act atrocious does not, in fact, make you bad. We all make mistakes. We must learn to seek deeper. To look into the core of another’s mind. Give second chances. There are many you will gaze upon, only beholding dreadfulness. Do not always pursue the worst.

Most often, you can see the goodness only if you open up your heart and mind to see. It may require much effort, nevertheless time. If you observe long enough, it is possible you will find the good. Perhaps it’s tarnished and cloaked by wickedness. All the same, it is there. Even if individuals don’t exploit it.

I acknowledge that humans do horrid things. All the while, still believing it is illogical to assume someone is completely bad. People are not born full of hate. New born babies come into this world innocent. So when they grow there still has to be some of that sweet, righteousness left. Even the tiniest sliver. How can it simply disappear?

We recurrently view the outside of a person, when we should be attempting to catch a glimpse of within. Or why they’ve applied gruesomeness in their lives. Only then, might we notice the wholesomeness, benevolence, and goodness that just might be shut elsewhere.

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