An Examination of Fear

July 15, 2012
By Marcus67 BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
Marcus67 BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
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Fear, a personification of all of our fears. The Sum of all fears one might say. What our fears based on? Something irrational? Something real? Is it long or short term? All of these play factors in our fears of everyday life. We fear out of ignorance, not knowing the unknown. Fear is common with everyone who has a heartbeat, it can mold us , shape us, and sometimes, destroy us. Overcoming fear is an uphill battle. It is climbing a mountain with no gear. Some fear love and its devastating power it has on us mortals, others fear things like the end of life itself. All have legitimate claims since no one truly knows love, or when the world is ending. We as a people need to embrace fear and the challenges that it brings , for it can only make us stronger. Fear is deadly, it is not to be trifled with for you may end up in a dark place with nothing but an empty, lifeless shell of you’re former self. Fear of the future is a constant theme with the youth of today. Half of us don’t believe we will live past 2012, which seems unforeseeable, but everyone has there fears, so one must respect them. Like a rabid dog chasing a mailman fear also motivates us. It gives us a reason to wake up and strive for the next objective. Sometimes fear gives us a reason to wake up in the middle of the night and ponder our lives. Fear resides in the darkest part of our mind. It is inescapable, there is no off button with fear. Once it becomes a seed in your mind it grows to the point where you must make a decision. Fear, the driving point of our life, can be handled tactfully by a person of confidence and resolve. If you let fear defeat you, then what do you have? Nothing.

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The fourth in the Examination series.

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