The Examination of the Big Picture

July 15, 2012
By Marcus67 BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
Marcus67 BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
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Life itself is based on phases. These phases are key in the growth and maturity of ones being. One should not skip these phases since many lessons are to be learned. Late adolescence is area of major growth and maturity. For some This phase (typically between 16-23) is spent finding oneself Physically, mentally and spiritually. One must have all of these aspects in harmony or flux will occur, although that state a flux is not isn’t always bad, flux is something people don’t like to talk about.. We, as a whole are better spent exploring these aspects in the most strange ways. Trying new things, taking risks doing things, that as children we didn’t have the resources or the courage to do. These endeavors can be simple and at times very complex. Seeking gratification is one Endeavour that is short lived. Like a comet it burns bright and fast then its gone. One looks for something to sustain themselves and there is no sustenance. So we search , and we search. With all that comes decisions and choices. Both of which are 2 different things in general. These can lead us down very dark roads as we continue our quest to find ourselves. Things stack and stack until either we come down to a decision or a way to fix the problem or flux until a new endeavor is taken on or a new problem is met. Some people sometimes are more vocal about there endeavors and others more quiet. The vocal can move mountains but the quiet can dig under them. You learn something new everyday, that is a fact and you never stop learning. That’s is something that always must be remembered. Never forget how you learned what you learned and who, if anyone you learned from. Do everything with pinpoint accuracy no matter how many times you have to go over things. Prove the naysayers wrong, my parents and your parents generation. Many will doubt you but something that those people forget is that they where once you . It was said by a rapper who will remain nameless ‘success is the best revenge” I find these words to be true. So move forth, make your name legendary do not waver in the face of adversity my brother, my sister you have so much to learn, to do, to experience. Life is but a tiny microcosm of the big picture. I pray you understand my words and use them. Take them for what they mean and hopefully you will prosper.

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