Internal Battle of a Wallflower

July 13, 2012
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So you know how when your sitting anywhere and the self analyzing begins. You ask yourself questions like:

Who am I?

What do I look like to other people?

What does ______ think of me?

Do I need to change?

What would it be like if I changed?

At this point of a little further down the self criticizing road we begin to build a self image of ourselves, then we build a image of what the perfect version of ourselves would look like.

The “perfect you” can vary from being skinnier, buffer, having more friends, being more outgoing, having better grades or even having the courage to tell a guy or girl you like him or her.

Then there is just you, and we do this weird thing to ourselves and we compare ourselves to the perfect version we want to be and this is what really kills us. The untapped potential, the inner more awesome you that is there just waiting to be found. But that person is buried under all the insecurity of the questions we began with. Except they look just a little different.

Who would I be?

What would I look like to other people?

What would ______ think of me?

Would I need to change?

What would it be like if I changed?

Everything but that last question. That last question.

What would it be like if I changed?

Its a never ending cycle. A internal battle we have with ourselves day in and day out. Constantly dreaming thinking but not being able to break free.

This is the internal battle of being a Wallflower.

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