How Society Acts

July 1, 2012
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I stared at the blank page before as seconds minutes and then hours went by.
I'm still sitting here having nothing to say.
My mind is still blank and empty like an untouched canvas ready to be painted.
Truth is I don't know what to write about anymore, I guess you can say I have writers block.
I turn my head towards the left to see a little old lady who is snoring.
Her snores sounds like the engine of a helicopter ready to set flight.
Then I look beyond her to see that Mr.neighbor of the snoring lady is stealing her wallet, is this how society works now. People stealing from a unconscious old people, I shake my head thinking wow what world we live in.
Well looks like I found something to talk about now don't I, society.
Society, I think is screwed up to the point where we can't fix it.
There's something that I should explain first, I don't hate humanity I love humanity.
But I hate society what we as people have done to the world.
We're all bloodsuckers not like vampire Twilight stuff or whatever you're into.
But we want and want and take and take but never give back.
The need for power and money has taken over in the human mind, corruption.
This idea for power and control takes over the us leaving us thirsting for more.
Example wars, it's a battle of control and proving oneself.
Maybe at the beginning it was for self- defense or whatever we say it was but over time we fight and fight and soon we've already forgotten what was the original mission or statement we once had.
We build the biggest weapons and then other countries build more weapons then we develop even more deadlier weapons.
This is a never ending cycle that we've created and all I'm going to do now sit back and watch how we'll clean up this mess we've created.

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