School Uniforms?

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

It is a trend that has started to be adopted by schools nationwide in the United States. School uniforms are mandatory in almost all private and catholic schools already and now the public schools are starting to take after them, even though many of the students disagree with it.

Some of the parents of the public schools agree with it because it puts all the children on the same level and no one person has the expensive cloths and no one is wearing sweatpants. Teachers and staff agree with it because it eliminates bullying based on how rich or how poor people dress. Teachers and staff do not have to worry about inappropriate dressing either. They don’t have to worry about girls clothing being too revealing or boys wearing their pants so that their undergarments are showing.

Parents would also agree that it makes getting ready in the morning easier as well. By having uuniformsparents do not have to worry about picking out clothes. It cuts down the time it takes for children to get ready because they already know what has to be worn to school and there is no need to pick out clothes the night before or rush around in the morning.

Students don’t always agree with it because it makes it so that no one can show off new shoes, or an awesome shirt they just bought, or a cool pair of pants or shorts. It does not allow students to express themselves and to show off their personality as well as their new clothes. Students are not allowed to have their own “style” during the school day.

Over all there are pros and cons to having uuniformsin public and private schools. The schools staff thinking that it would eliminate bullying would be a plus because no one would have to feel like an outsider. Parents being able to have the cloths accessible to them and not spend the money on new cloths would also be a plus. The only downside is that the actual students wearing the uniforms would not want to wear them. The overall thinking on this topic is that it should be tried out in the schools and see how it goes, with the staff and parents hoping that it goes well.

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