June 5, 2012
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We are being watched a scary but not uncommon thought; people who have schizophrenia have these thoughts all the time. They hear voices that tell them things about what’s happening; they see things delusions and hallucinations; seeing what’s not there thinking people are watching them. But what about the rest of us who don’t have schizophrenia; is it still true; that the government is watching us; they fallow us; or is this just a conspiracy theory; well Massimo Calabresi thinks not as he said “on Jan. 19 the FBI asked tech companies about developing software that could monitor public traffic on twitter Facebook and MySpace” (page 81 Massimo Calabresi) so who can we trust? Where does this information come from; is the creepy crawly eyes on the back of your head a real sensation a real feeling; is that real? Or is it just as scientists have been theorising for years that it’s just something we got passed down from the cavemen who got that feeling of their skin standing up on end and being watched. Is it just a defence meconium as so that the cavemen could kill the cyber tooth tiger before it could kill and eat them?

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