Codename: Trailblazer

June 10, 2012

I want to be a legend.

I want to be epic.

I want to be the epitome of something good.

I want to be a trailblazer.

As stupid as I might sound, I’ll be honest, didn't bother to know what the word ‘trailblazer’ meant until that award for Emma Stone came along. I had to Google it. That’s what I do- Google the answers.

‘Trailblazers –people who marks trails through wilderness areas.’

What I did was wrong though. The true essence of a word is not something you just ‘Google’. It is something you find out for yourself.

Having the basic knowledge of what the literal meaning of a trailblazer is and a teaspoon of depth left in my mind, I pieced it all out myself.

"If they can, why can’t you?" Having a trailblazer, you should have that as your head’s ringtone. That should be enough to challenge you, turn the other cheek and prove your doubts wrong.

It made me have one of my ‘Hey-let’s-check-what-life-means’ conversations with myself. It had me thinking twice that an inspiration should be someone human, someone flawed, someone real. Everyone’s built so differently, that only when we believe the trailblazer do we realize what are faults are, what we have ,be inspired to do something with that and go over and beyond.

My trailblazers would be people I would forever thank, thinking that they are part of why I had a reason to wake up every single day.

Trailblazers are people who make paths for you to follow. Not to imitate. They’re people who are being themselves-it translates and just infects you with the same attribute.

A trailblazer is someone who inspires you to keep going. A trailblazer is someone who matters, someone who means something to the world.

So, simplifying all my senseless blah-blah, we are all trailblazers. We haven’t figured it out just yet. But we will, and it will be worth it.
Most of us haven’t figured it all out yet.

Most of us are diamonds in the rough.

We will all shine. We will be legends. We will be epic. We will be the epitome of something good.

Remember this-‘you have the world to inspire you’.

We will be trailblazers.

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