June 6, 2012
By Kimmie_Kat SILVER, Orlando, Florida
Kimmie_Kat SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Everything is different,
Everything is same,
Depends on how you look,
Depends on how you tame,
Everything is connected,
Just depends on you to determine,
The connection.

Stories are meant to be told, visions are meant to be created, and a way to communicate without your voice. A representation of a language, through a set of symbols. A set of symbols that turn into words, and words that turn into sentences. Sentences that turn into paragraphs, and paragraphs that turn into stories.

We were theorized to be drawn out by the gods. We all started off as squares, and circles, but now we were shaped into something else. The only shapes we see, are around us, and they were shaped by the gods. We all live in a world full of geographical figures, all shaped by the gods too.

One of Shakespeare's famous quotes is, "All the world's a stage." And we all have different parts, I play the daughter, and the student; you play the sister or brother. As we grow and age, our roles change. We become the mother, grandmother, then the corpse. Every character has a different plot, a situation only they can understand, and changes as we grow.

A baby crying, a phone ringing, an audience clapping, and a flip of a page. A radio being as loud as can be, a glass cup being dropped, and a teacher giving a lecture. A click of a pen, a boy screaming, and a glass window being broken. Somehow we all create a type of music all together. We all can’t live without making a sound.
Everything is different,
Everything is same,
Depends on how you look,
Depends on how you tame,
You are the only thing that matters,
Your passion and,
Your talents,
Writing, Drawing, Singing, and Acting.

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