Life Is Worthless!

May 11, 2012
By Huntjah BRONZE, Pheonix, Arizona
Huntjah BRONZE, Pheonix, Arizona
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What if life was only meant for you. If it was already planned out just for you. What if there's isn't even a purpose to life. Each person has there own life with obstacles made just for them. Life already knows your strengths and weaknesses. Yes, some people could have a similar life time. But although life already knows all that about you, through time, life could be changed. You control your life. You guide it where ever you want it to go. There isn't a reason to live. I mean, do you even need one? You just live because you were born. If we did had a reason to live we wouldn't die. But we do die. But after you die, what happens? Some people say they go to heaven others say we reincarnate, but is that true? If it is, I need some proof. And for Christians, the Bible isn't enough. I could write a book and in two thousand years everyone could believe me. I mean do you really go to heaven or any other holy place? Is there a person or spirit in those places that created everything including yourself? But how were you created? That's when science books and wikipedia come in. Come on the Big Bang does make sense. And there is proof. Scientist actually investigate, look and search for clues of life and how it was created. Religious people just read a book and pray and that is enough. And also some people say that death isn't an obstacle, but that can not be true. I mean death will always be an obstacle which cannot be taken out of the cycle of life. It will always be there waiting, at the end of the line, like an inglorious bastard.

Life could be achieved or you were was just a waste of time. Life could only go two ways. Left or right. And depending were you turn to is were your life ends. There is an ending for life, and some day for me and you and all that are reading this, will die. But after death is there another life? Do you become another person? You just wake up from the terrible nightmare of life. Life, people say, is beautiful. But I think life is bullshit. You just live it once. If life were beautiful then we would always live. Life is suffering. Life is just a one time experience and I want to live it all the way. Even if I suffer and die one day, I will, have my good times. Life could be good if you want it to. But life could be your enemy without you noticing it. It could be a pain in the neck sometimes.

Death is a part of life. Its the ending. Birth is also a part of life. The beginning. Life is a book in a sense of how its separated. The climax and the interesting part is when you finally become an adult. When you could finally drink and go to parties all day. That's when you create your conflicts in the book. And death is when your life ends and all those conflicts fade away like the wind blows a dandelion. The ending of the book is always what makes you keep reading the sequel. But life doesn't have a sequel, just another beginning. Unfortunately books have a last page and life as well. We are so used to life that when the last page appears, you don't want to turn it. That is why some books are short and some are long. I want my book my book to be written well and as long as possible. I want my book to be a bestseller. I want my life to be remembered by all those who read the book. My book.

The author's comments:
Everyone says we should live life to the maximum and they should but think of what happens after life and what is life really for

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