Can You?

May 9, 2012
By jackchase PLATINUM, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
jackchase PLATINUM, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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What motivates us? What drives us to go that extra mile? To exceed someone’s expectations of us, it takes more than just pride. It becomes more than just proving yourself. It isn’t enough to show them what we are made of, we must prove to them what we were made for. But what ignites that passion to prove them wrong? To me, it’s not when a person laughs at me, mocks me, or even hurts me. No, what really drives me to my limit is when a person tells me what I can or can’t do. When a person denies not the rights given me by the government, but denies my most basic human rights. If our lives are made up of choices, then when those choices are made for us by others, is it even our life anymore? I’m not talking about someone saying you can’t have the last cookie or can’t go to that party, no I’m talking about when a person tells me I can’t make it. Or I can’t do it. Or I will fail. And when a person denies me the right to even try, then I will prove them wrong. And when I’m done; when I’ve done the best I can, I’ll be standing there, having done what they said I could not. I will choose not to go by their rules, not to play their game, and never to be like them. I will become everything they deny me, and then some. I will be my best, and do my all, and if it’s still not enough for them, then what? Do I give up? Or do I keep going, because I can. I can be what they contradict me, can you?

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