May 31, 2012
By reganthevegan BRONZE, Lafayette, California
reganthevegan BRONZE, Lafayette, California
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Our souls are immortal. No matter what happens, no one can completely take them away from us. But even our souls are not invincible. We go through every day seeing people with smiles on their faces, but sadness in their eyes. That's one of the worst things to see. Watching someone disappear right in front of you. Watching them hide behind themselves. And it hurts, watching them dying inside. There are some feelings that fill you up, that dig their roots into your skin and never let go. They swell and blow you over like wind and waves, and then they vanish. And you're left with reality. That's how it feels when you realize that living is truly the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. And to see someone dying, not even existing, right in front of you - that makes the sensation even stronger.

What is horrible enough to ruin a person? The answer is us. The world. We live in a place where a need to satisfy society overpowers an embrace of individuality. A place where conformity is the only path to success in life. And that's so wrong. Who creates society? Is that our fault, too? Are we the ones who unleashed such a monster? Maybe. Maybe not. But someone did, and whoever "they" are, they are not madmen and their aim is not anarchy. Their goal is to create a world where everyone thinks the same, acts the same, looks the same.... Because that's better for everyone, right? Wrong. Because in the process of making everyone the same, they have to get rid of anyone who is different. And that's such a sad thing, to strip the world of all its color and leave it gray.

So congratulations, world, you've created society. But you've killed everyone inside.

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just a rant.... c:

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