Your Guilt

May 29, 2012
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You did what you had planned to from the very beginning. It had come off without a hitch... almost. The problem was me, and I was something you had not anticipated. You know what I am talking about and it is nothing to be laughed or scoffed at. I am not something you can leave behind. Everything had gone the way you had wanted it to, and that was the problem. You never really wanted to do it. You can't go back now. You're on the run. I am chasing you. You can say I'm evil to the bone. Others can laugh, and be unsympathetic, but if they only knew how one moment can destroy their lives. They might someday. We all have regrets. Theirs might not be as big as yours, but I will haunt them in the same way, they will see life through glasses that are neither rose tinted nor pretty. You all will see life through glasses that show you life the real way, without the blurriness of your own eyes. When that moment comes, it will change you, perhaps not for the worse, but certainly not for the better. You will live with it for the rest of your life, and you will have to live with me. I will watch you, I will come at you when you do not expect it, and one day, you will need to stop running and square with me. That, I can assure you. I will not leave until you do, but you won't. You avoid me at all cost. So watch your step, don't let me come. You do not want me. But I will be here. Sincerely, Your Guilt.

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