Racism: The Difference Doesn't Matter

May 25, 2012
By meggilli SILVER, Media, Pennsylvania
meggilli SILVER, Media, Pennsylvania
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Racism in America is an epidemic. It is an issue that is rarely addressed anymore.
The heart of the problem lies I high school.
When walking down the high school hallways, you hear racism, and people bullying other people for their differences instead of praising each other for the commonalities.
People, especially high schoolers, believe stereotypes to be the truth;however, the truth is that stereotypes are only made up based off of one person, or a small group.  Not everyone a certain race follows that pattern. If fact most people don't because everyone is different. No one is exactly the same. Just because someone is of a certain race doesn't mean that they follow true to all stereotypes.
Racism only makes people feel worse and like they need to change. When in reality, the one that needs to change is the racist ones. I'm not saying change your group of friends, but change the way you act towards other people who aren't like you. Be more accepting to everyone. You'll find you can be friends with someone completely different than you, be best friends even. You can probably even save a couple lives. 
That's the scary thing about racism, that it has the power to end lives.
It doesn't matter if your Hispanic, Asian, African American, European, etc.
It only matters that you love yourself and that you accept and embrace who you are and what makes you special. 
And eventually the rest of the world will also realize too, just how special every single person is.
The world has many colors, not just one.

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