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You Are Beautiful

May 22, 2012
By His_Princess SILVER, Maywood, Missouri
His_Princess SILVER, Maywood, Missouri
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You are beautiful. God created you in His own image, so how could you not be gorgeous? He gave you your eyes, your height, your hair, and your personality. God has given you beauty that far outweighs your faults. You have every right to a beautiful life!

You are beautiful. The world will try to tell you otherwise, but you know the truth. Don’t listen to their lies. You know you’re gorgeous! Never change yourself to fit someone else’s idea of pretty. There could never be a more beautiful you!

You are beautiful. Don’t ever forget it, and don’t let anyone else. Your friends will beat themselves and others down, but you can end it. Let your own dazzling beauty shine and help others see theirs.

Know the truth.
Live the truth.
Share the truth.
You are beautiful!

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