The Day I Lost You

May 20, 2012
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It was a normal Thursday for me. I was greeted by the sky with the same sun that rose up in the East. I breathed in the same air I breathe in everyday, the one that you’re breathing in too. And as usual, I had to go to my parent’s canteen to work for them. But, that afternoon I had to suffer the most painful parting that ever came into my life. Even if I didn’t want to, I knew I had to let go of you or I would suffer more pain as time would pass by. It wouldn’t be that usual parting because I know that no matter how small the world is there would be no crossroad that would bring us back together.

After that piercing pain, after all the discomforts I felt as they pulled you away from me, here I am swelling and crying. All I could do now is remember the time you were with me from the moment you’ve rooted yourself on earth. All I could do is reminisce the memories we’ve shared together. I remember those bitter moments, our sour times, our salty adventures and most of all our sweet excavations. I’ll miss all those. I’ll never forget how we endured the coldest and the hottest trials. You were part of all my excitement, but it’s time for you to stop being part of it all.

I guess; it was my fault. I neglected you. I didn’t do what I must to protect you from all those invaders, from all those who wanted to kill you. And though it sounds cliché, I’ll say it anyway, you’ll only realize the importance of something the moment you lose it… Extraction, that was what happened on that day, that was what parted us from each other. I had to say goodbye to my sweet tooth, the one that caused me pain day night. I lost one tooth because of my irresponsibility, laziness and negligence.

I hope you’d not loose yours because of those too?

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