A Time For Gaining Knowledge

May 18, 2008
By Jardin Joseph, Destrehan, LA

In one person’s life there is a time for everything. Through out life on earth we gain knowledge, apply it and then pass it on. I have now lived sixteen years of my life and so far I have been through tragedies and accomplishments. As a young lady many people realize that I’m growing into an adult, but the real question is am I ready for it. My mother probably asks herself that same question everyday. So gaining as much knowledge as I can during my growing period well definitely help me in the future.

For me adult hood is right around the corner. I’m basically straddling the fence of being a child and a adult. Not having my mother by my side answering my ten million questions scares me more than anything. I feel life is just like a huge, massive, overpowering title wave. It can’t wait to grow up and rise to the occasion of adulthood. On the way it will meet all the different fishes of the sea and find buried treasures hidden in sunken pirate ships. Then it will reach its peak and eventually die out. Through observing and experimenting I’m taught something new every day. The main person I learn from is my mother. She teaches me to be strong, independent, and an individual. One thing that I hate the most is to disappoint her. My mother is my strength and I’ am hers.

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