Destiny, Life and Death.

May 22, 2012
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Does destiny always wins? Destiny can’t be changed; therefore destiny was already implanted in the third planet we the humans live in. This piece of writing, these fingers typing in the clean, gray plastic keyboard was planned before you were born.

Is death an obstacle to destiny? Destiny is tainted with death; death is the main foe to fate, like water to fire, and we my friend are the vapor. What happens if you throw water to vapor? The water get’s hot, if the water get’s to hot, it creates vapor, what I’m saying is that every time somebody dies, and another celebrates each year the escape from the womb. I have learned that life is something to make something big out of it, make some noise and let the world hear you, know you, feel you, write about you. In life you have to be something before fates decide something you’re not. If you haven’t read my subliminal message again it means that you don’t get my ideas. My subliminal message to you the reader is to EMBRACE LIFE. Forget about destiny, destiny only makes you be afraid of the future, the important thing is the present, what you are living.

Is death and obstacle to destiny? Or is it part of destiny? Perhaps both may join in the function of destiny. Death is part of destiny because you were born to die. Also, it ruins it. Death is something that is not exactly an obstacle because obstacles can be evaded, but death is just something that can’t be evaded. You may think that because you didn’t die in your last week car crash you evaded death, because let me tell you, you just pissed him off. I’ll rather die the day that I needed to die, than surround myself in pride of surviving. People may think that, oh yeah I will evade death because nobody is waiting for me in hell. Guess what? There is no heaven and hell, you die and that’s it, game over pal.

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