Just Trying

May 16, 2008
By Mandi Hake, Sussed, WI

Walk with your head up or down
You will still be left with a frown
Laugh really quiet or loud
You will still be told. “You’re not part of our crowd!”

Spread rumors and nobody knows if they’re actually true
Everyone wants to make sure it’s not about their crew
Wear clothes and make-up you think impress
But in the end, you’re just another person the popular kids assess

Freaks, Goths, Preps…
And that’s just the first step
Then you got the Stoners, Geeks, and Jocks…
Who think they’re the only ones who rock

As we grow older the stereotypes don’t stop
We’re all still wondering how to get out on top.
Is it money? Is it looks?
Or do we have to just keep our heads in the books?

Sitting in class
Thinking this day has to pass
Teachers asks you a questions that you don’t know
Then you’re accused of being too slow

Do you party? Do you smoke?
Or do you sit at home and drink a Coke?
Do you lead or follow?
Or do you choke and swallow?

One day high school won’t be so cruel
It won’t matter if you’re cool
But until then
The only question is when?

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