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May 17, 2012
By watermelon25 BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
watermelon25 BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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If you have a toaster you can toast white bread, whole wheat bread,and potato bread. If you for some reason decided to only use it to toast white bread you would be limiting it which quite frankly is a total waste of money. Why would you waste your potential like that by limiting yourself? Would you spend your whole life in middle school if you were talented enough to go to college, you could but you would be limiting yourself from learning more. Of course this example is quite extreme, but the principal of something much less extreme stays the same, you shouldn’t limit yourself. When you limit yourself all you’re doing is hurting yourself and your life. Little decisions that you make everyday will always affect your future.

You learn something new everyday, whether it be what your mom’s favorite color is, or a new algebra formula. As you learn more you grow and grow until you are the best person that you can possibly be. However only when you grow can you actually be that person, which relates to the quote in which it sates that nobody is bigger than a man who learns to grow, in this case I am referring to the word bigger as the best person you can be.In short, you can always learn more, and you can. Yesterday I taught my dad how to play a game on his iPhone, he learned something new, and he’s 42. About a month ago I taught my Grandma how to make an alert (with sound) when its time to do something that has been recorded on her calendar, which is on her computer, and she’s 65.

When you think of great minds, you might think of a person like Albert Einstein. Mr. Einstein once said that knowledge was limited, but imagination encircled the world, which shows that he was very open to learning.This is one example of a person that was more open to learning and how they got farther in life than somebody that say...didn’t think that there was any more to learn outside of New Jersey. In the my quote it talks about nobody being “bigger than the man who learns to “grow”. In this case “bigger” relates to being more successful and “grow” relates to learning. So there if the quote was changed to how I interpreted it it would sound like this, There is nobody more successful than a man who learns to keep on learning.

In the story of Paul Bunyan it sates that,“There is nobody bigger than a man who learns to grow.”

Which I fully agree with, for many reasons. For one, people that are more open to learning (or growing) get farther in life, also I think that you shouldn’t limit yourself, and lastly, I think that you can always learn more.

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