My Generation and Our Role in Society

May 16, 2012
By TJPassaro BRONZE, Commack, New York
TJPassaro BRONZE, Commack, New York
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The generation responsible for our victories in the Cold War and our economic success is often referred to as the “greatest generation.” America has since then fallen from its former power and is now joined with several other nations as the world leaders. Someone said, not too long ago, it is my generation’s job to rebuild America to her former glory. As I thought about this, I started to reflect on my generation and our positives and negatives.

I feel that in general we are a much more accepting generation and in addition to that we are very influential in many movements to help these causes. I think that this is a great thing; the youth of America standing up for what they believe in can make great changes to this country. In addition to this I feel we are big supporters of charities and fundraisers, which is terrific. We can accomplish so much if we stand together and the Internet has made it much easier to do this. Although we have positives, I have little hope that we will be the generation to rebuild America. I feel we are given too much and we do not work hard enough to accomplish great things. Too many kids feel that they should get whatever they want, which is so far from the truth. With such a globally connected planet, every other country is competing with us. In addition, people in other countries are competing with us. People from all around the world are competing for America’s colleges and America’s jobs. American children feel like they are entitled to more than they should be and children from other countries are willing to work much harder than us for our jobs and education. If they take our jobs it makes our country weaker and if they take our spots in colleges, it makes us less qualified for jobs, ultimately leading to other countries’ citizens getting the jobs. Although I hope for my feelings to be completely untrue and that our generation can bring America back to her former glory, I think that will not happen and it will fall into our children’s hands to restore America.

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