Is God Real?

May 16, 2012
By SEALs SILVER, Hortonville, Wisconsin
SEALs SILVER, Hortonville, Wisconsin
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God. We all know of it. How almost all religions have some type of God. The Christians believe God to be the only God. The Muslims believe the only god is Allah.
But there are few religions who recognize no god at all.
Buddhism recognizes no god.
Confucinism recognizes no god.
So why is there a debate on which god is the real God? Why is there a debate on if God is real or not?
Lets take a look at the bible.
Great book! Very splendid book.
It is a book of parables, a great one at that. But in the book, you see the various faces of man and what man believes to be miracles. But you do not see the face or faces of God.
If you look closely into the bible. You will find loopholes.
It says that if you are baptized, you are a child of God. Now, i was baptized and raised Lutheren. But, take heed to the fact that i was raised Lutheren, but never believed in it. I was drowned in the religion, and i did not like it. So at the age of about 10, i announced that i did not believe in God or Christianity. Years passed and I searched religions. I tried all kinds. Even to the point of Withcraft. Then in my early years i discovered Buddhism, and that is my relgion. But, lets get back to "Is God real?"
The loopholes.
If you are baptized, you are a child of God.
But i thought Jesus was Gods only son. Now, many would say that Jesus was Gods flesh. I thought we were all related. I mean, we are all the children of Adam and Eve correct?
It says that Adam and Eve had Cain and Able. And Cain killed Able and went to another land and married. I thought that Adam and Eve and Cain and Able were the only people on earth.
Jesus Christ is in the Koran.
The Muslims and Allah.
Alot of Muslims are going Radical.
Believing that Allah is better then any other God.
Wouldn't the would be better without any god at all. With "My god is better then your god."
I sometimes wonder if religion and God was just some kind of sick joke that someone took seriously.
Lets look at Scientology.
L. Ron Hubbard and all his clones.
Scientology is very controversial.
You know the Idea that we were all put here by Aliens? He created that idea. Many people who believe in Scientology believe LRH to be god. One from another planet. He thought he could cure the ill with out physical contact. He believed you could become old or young by thought. Soon the religion spread througout the world and news of this "Spaceman God" become the talk of all. But how could a single man be God if he died in 1986?
I thought God never died.
Look at the big bang. If god existed, was he before the Big Bang, or after? Is he male or Female?

Intresting questions.
Think about it all.

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