The Bucket List

May 16, 2012
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You know what? Let’s get it done with; I know that you’re NOT going to read the whole article.
I know this because I am a psychic?
Of course not.
It’s simple statistics. Let me explain: over the past few years there has been a 67.83% rise in the articles published annually on or related to ‘The Bucket List’. The reason could be the fact that John Mayer cried at the end of ‘The Bucket List’ (the movie) or MTV’s initiative to make some money out of John Mayer’s crocodile tears or people all over the world have realized that global warming and terrorism will get to them before the pretty hospital nurse who wears pink lipstick. This makes my article completely predictable, outdated and a useless piece of junk. (And I had to listen to 5 Justin Beiber songs to write this much!)
But one thing that NO other article out there will tell you is this; A Bucket List is not about listing your biggest goals and aspirations, that’s a kind of list you make with the help of that Corporate-Workshop-Guy or a career counselor. A Bucket List is where you put all the things that you want to take FROM the world. Be it a certain kind of life experience or a mind blowing view.
I know it’s contradictory to the fact that we are taught that what we GIVE to the world is the only thing that counts. And it’s true, what we give out to the world defines us in a way. A powerful and confident performance at work, result of hard work and dedication, gives us the tag that proudly classifies us as SUCCESSFUL.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hold on! We forgot something…
Get this, the World and you are in a relationship. Like, you know boyfriend-girlfriend, best of pals or if you’re a science geek then, a covalent bond. In a covalent bond, the elements share a give and take relationship to form a compound. So, if you’re just busy giving, giving and giving, then you’re missing out on all the things that the world is offering YOU. It’s a give and take relationship right? You got to respect what the world is trying to gift you! We usually just take it for granted and walk right past it, ignoring its beauty.
And just as a side note, this relationship we share with the world is called LIFE. It’s common knowledge that a fulfilling relationship is the one where both the parties put something on the table and respect the other person’s bid with open arms. So, go head give getting rid of world poverty your best short, start a business or mentor somebody. Do something BIG for the world, but don’t forget to ride a Gondola in Venice and watch the Cherry Blossoms in Japan (both these things are most common on people’s Bucket Lists).

Bungee Jump from the Macau Tower, falling in love with the world as you whizz past every floor. Go wild with the mighty beasts of Madagascar. Or listen to the soulful voice of the musician playing on the subway, savoring every delicious note.

Wait, there’s more… world has a whole inventory of crazy and fun experiences, all you have to do is click on the one you’d like to live. Jump in the elevator to the 33rd floor, run on the streets screaming a random name or my personal favourite, make a complete fool of yourself by talking nonsense on stage during the High School Elections( very therapeutic).

Take whatever good thing the world’s serving you at dinner tonight with grace and respect. Fall in love with the world…it’ll love you back! And the life you’ll lead will be the one that’s better than everybody’s dream.

A Bucket List does not consist of things to do before you die…those are things you need to do to have a wonderful life. A life worth living!

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