What is it?

May 15, 2008
By Caity Eaves, Delafield, WI

What is it?

It creates labels,
Jocks, stoners, sluts, loners, nerds
It creates high school
What’s “in” and “out”

What is, it?

Is it based on clothes,
And what you wear?
Is it based on people,
And the friends you’re with?
Is it based on personality,
And how you act?

What is, it?

It makes some people loved.
It makes some people hated.
It makes some people cry.
It makes some people confident.

What is, it?

People want it.
People ignore it.
People shrug it off.
People love it.

But, what is, it?

It is the rumors spread daily.
It is the drama that hurts people.
It is the whispers heard in the hallways.
It is the stares people give one another.
It is the hatred people have for each other.
It is a problem.

But, how is it fixed?

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