Cliques - The Root of Rejection

May 14, 2008
By TJ Bahr, Hartland, WI

Why is high school have to last so long. Senioritis? It’s not that I don’t feel like doing any work, it’s more because I don’t want to be here any more. High school social life can be summed up in one word, one word to describe everything that happens: cliques.

Cliques are the reasons for school shootings. Cliques are the reasons for self hate. But without these cliques, a high school would have no variation. In bigger city schools, it’s about what color your skin is. But here it’s about what you have and what you are associated with. Jocks, nerds, preps, goths, emos. Who really cares what clique someone is in? I hate cliques. A clique is a way to associate someone you don’t know with someone that you do. So the preppy kid that sits next to his friends; he is disliked because of the kids he sits with. All that is known is his name and his group: nothing more.

Now, my school is starting to have more diversity of color. But it is easy to see that these new kids have stereotyped as well. Tried to diversify and the only response was, “Why the hell are you talking to me? I’m not your friend. You some kind of f----t or something?” Rejection comes from a simple gesture.

This rejection shows the fear of cliques. Will they like me for who I am? Or, will they judge me by the clique I’m in? Fear of rejections is the reason I hate high school. Not scared of talking to someone new, but scared of rejection. Rejections causes overthinking. Overthinking causes overreacting. The whole subject is blown apart. Never feel like I’m good enough for other cliques so I stick to my own, or do I?

Hanging out with choir kids is not something I thought about doing. I hear stereotypes everyday about how they are all gay and how they all suck at sports. People don’t even realize how stupid it is to judge. I also hang out with a group of kids that doesn’t have a clique; we are all just friends with common interests from video games to paintballing to pick up games of 21. One a rich kid, one a jock, one a smart kid, and another who doesn’t care about school. I guess you could mainly call us gamers because if we don’t have something else going on, we play video games. The thing is, most kids play video games so we aren’t different.

Cliques appear different from each other but most of them have similar interests. So why are we so separated from each other if we like to do the same things? Because of whom we are or what we have? Who the hell cares! People need to realize that cliques are stupid and are the main reasons any feels left out. Stop the cliques, stop the intolerance, and stop the recection.

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