An era worth remembering

April 24, 2008
By Tiffany Viggiano, Winchester, CA

Well as the seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours I realize that I am a mere thirteen hours away from the steal cage that some refer to as school so as I shove my binders and pens into my backpack, and the setting sun shines through my window blinding my eyes it is bringing about the end of not only a day but an era. Now I notice that the breeze outside is much cooler than it once was. I feel it wiping against my skin not to say that it means harm but none the less killing me with every new gust and again I stare at the clock that rips the last few moments of summer away from me.

I realize that this is the end and I must say goodbye to the most amazing summer I have ever had. It seems as though it has been a life time not just two blissful months of my youth. Honestly it is hard to believe that two months ago I was the same person. Many stories, movies, and books talk about coming of age, growing up, learning about life, and the world but until this summer I thought they were simply to catch the attention of the audience. This summer has taught me so much, and yet I still feel like I have so much to learn. I don't know if I am ready to face the cold harsh truth that is reality quite yet. As I sit here staring at this page waiting to be written I realize that my life is just the same, and therefore I wonder, if I can write a magnificent story, or will the page be crumpled an thrown into the trash can like it should have been years before. I wonder if I haven't already started making the same mistakes I swore to myself I would never make again.

I wonder what this year will bring and that is what scares me more than any thing. I wonder if I will be able to survive this year. Now looking back I wish I could steal those seconds away from that clock make it stop ticking, pull them back to me some how and the sun could just stay half set for ever. The breeze would simply disappear but life dose not work like that. The one thing I can count on in this world is that the time will pass, the sun will set, and the breeze will blow, and right now that seems as though it is the worst thing in the world, yet it is also the best, because I know now I must enter a new era and while I am not particularly ready for this one to end, I will face it head on because I know time will pass, and although the thought of what is to come scares me it also excites me. The soft ticking of a clock, the slow setting of the sun, the quiet whispers of the wind mean one thing my friends this is the end or quite possibly the beginning of an era.

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