Dear Dad,

April 24, 2008
By Gaby Garcia, Austin, TX

Dear Dad,

Well the whole point of this letter is so that I can tell you how
I really feel, because I can’t tell you to your face. I’m still mad at you
for leaving the family. You put us through emotional and physical
problems. My family was torn apart for what you did. Mom cried
herself to sleep for months, wondering why and how you could do this
to people that you once said you loved. My sister had to grow up faster
than necessary, instead of enjoying her high school years. She had to come
home and take care of my brother and I. It may seem like he wasn’t
as affected as the rest of my family, but to me it seems like he was
affected the most. His grades began to drop and he started giving
everyone an attitude. Then there is me, your own daughter, who blames
herself for YOUR own mistakes. I shouldn’t have to deal with this! All
I think about, every time I replay that day when you left, is why? Why
me? Why my family? Why now? I’m only 14 years old, and yet I still
play that day, when I came home expecting to see you there, but instead,
I came home to an empty house. The house was physically empty, but
emotionally, it was filled with memories.


Your Loving Daughter

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