The Question

April 22, 2008
By sierra Clahar, Frederick, MD

One Day as i was sitting at my friend house her mother kept asking her "sweetheart what really matters to you?" she couldnt seem to find a really good answer. So when i got home as i laid in my bed i kept asking myself the same question. Then since I couldnt coem up with an answer i switched around the question what doesnt matter that i always get caught up in to seem like it matterd? My answer was booked around drama. I always let what people say to and about me choose what i do and say. Therefore i said it doesnt really matter what people say to and about me. What matters is how i react. what matters is how i take it. What matters is how i really think i am . What matters is how i think of em as a person to choose wether or not i get upset about what they say. In conclusion the biggest thing that matters is the ability to stay strong even when your strongest part is weak. It may get tough and leave u with cuts and bruises but in the end what you thought didnt matter or wasnt important was really what got you through your trials and tribulations.

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