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May 11, 2012
By tannerrozay BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
tannerrozay BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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What is the first thing you think of when someone brings up the word partying? The first thing, for most people, when they hear that word is alcohol, drugs, and especially trouble. But not everyone thinks of the positive effects of your child going out and having the experience to party.

One of the most common thing people do when they party is not drinking but interacting and communicating. If you were to walk into a party you would see all most everyone is talking and communicating with one another. Going to a party is the best opportunity to help your social skills and ability to make new friends.

One thing you will definitely see at a party is other people getting intoxicated and acting, what people now call, “sloppy”. Sloppy means that a person is really drunk, acting really poorly, and is falling all over the place. Many girls act this way for attention from guys and just because they are flat out drunk. Watching people do this and possibly acting this way before helps you learn control and how to handle yourself.

Maturity is a big thing going through high school and it does not just happen because you think it does. It happens gradually and from all the experiences you have encountered throughout your young life. Going to a party and partying with others is a small thing that actually can help you grow up and realize what is important in your life. You see what people are important to you and who will help you progress and not just hold you back and use you.

It is all a learning experience and minor thing to help you grow up. There are many different things that can come out to just going out and having fun with a group of friends. Who knew that going to a party could help you so much in your life.

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