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May 8, 2012

I stare at the album cover of one of my favorite singers, Taylor swift,
And there it is ‘FEARLESS’ printed in admirable bold letters. She says
Fearless is not the absence of fear. It is having fears, yet going ahead
With life and the challenges that it brings to us. It is living, in
Spite of things that scare you to death!

Now i don’t wish to make this read a boring one. I mean who am i to
Lecture anyone on how to live a good life? i myself don’t bother even
Reading the books written on ‘good and healthy living’. I mean heck! We
have different experiences, we have our own daily chaos that isn’t always
Lessened by ‘deep breathing ‘ or whatever those books tell us . We are
young, and making mistakes is like a free package to teenage years!
Things go wrong, people leave, forever’s end sooner than we could imagine,
friends leave, broken hearts, broken families, mental
trauma...yeah..Teenage is hard for many!
But, we don’t give up ...we can’t afford to! Being brave is not just
limited to the people fighting for the nation...it is most times fighting
for yourself! Fighting to live a better life even if the only support you
have is ...you and your will. It is never to back down! It is Getting back
up and fighting for what you know is right..Over and over again ...even
though every time you’ve tried before, you’ve lost. It’s fearless to
have faith that someday things will change.

We can’t deny the fact that a huge number of people (teens) we know fall
in love. What i wish to portray here is that we should not to be broken
down and give up on life just because someone you loved so dearly, ended
up hurting you real bad. In fact if that’s the case, i’d say, stop
worrying your pretty little head so much! Why let someone else ruin your
sunshine in life. When someone apologizes to you enough times for things
they’ll never stop doing, i think its fearless to stop believing them and
walk away. Relationships could also be that of friendship.
Friends...aah! The angels we rely on when there’s no one else to give us
the advices we can actually use. When you feel that your parents don’t
understand you, when juicy gossips need to be spilled out, when you need
help to get out of sticky situation, when you need someone to make you
laugh or when you just a shoulder to cry on....friends are who we rely
on. But as time ticks away, sometimes, Best friends aren’t even friends
any longer. And some.....leave. And it is fearless to say goodbye even
though we can’t breathe without them!

And at times like this we feel like no one’s really there..And there comes
the old melancholy feeling! But why is that we don’t go to those people in
our life who really want nothing but for us to be happy? We realise our
parents worth and love when everyone else aren’t ready to help us any
longer, because they claim they’re too busy! And finally it comes down to
your mother telling you to wipe you tears and giving you all the
confidence you need....its your dad being your ultimate superhero having
the ability to make his kid so much more happier! And therefore, in a
company of friends who claim that agreeing to what parents think is stuck
up and uncool, it is fearless to tell them that you agree to what your mum
and dad tell you.

Also for the non –atheists ,at the end of the day praying to god , to
give you the strength to achieve all that you aspire to, is
fearless...for they are brave enough to admit that they believe in god
and need his help!

Fearless, is moving on...it is to wake up in the morning and wash away the
the events that brought you down last night with a smile and the urge to
do your parents proud and work towards it.
It is believing in
Fairytales and prince charming and happily ever afters. No matter what
love throws at , you have to believe in it. Because to love...is fearless!
The ability to do what’s right by standing up after your mistakes break
You down, is fearless. And finally your life as you know it

The author's comments:
i think this piece is quite relevant to what teens face everyday...its a part of who we are...hope you'l enjoy it :)

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