Stay Young, Dream High

May 7, 2012
By JaymeRose SILVER, Trent, South Dakota
JaymeRose SILVER, Trent, South Dakota
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Have you ever stopped to look at the sky and admire everything we have?
Have you ever stopped to think that maybe what we have is more than others?
Have you ever stopped and listened to all the beauty around you?
What ever happened to life being something precious to the human kind?
What ever happened to looking forward to getting up in the morning just to see what the day has planned ahead of you.
Growing up, i was one of those kids with a big imagination. I was one of those kids that no matter what, i always dreamed high. What ever happened to that? What ever happened to chasing dreams all though you probably had absolutely no way of possibly reaching them? What ever happened to being the president some day? Or being a famous rock star? Or even a princess>

Why does everyone let themselves grow to the point in life where dreaming means nothing?
I tell you what...when I see a shooting star, I'm going to make a wish no matter where I'm at. I'm not saying that you have to dream to a little kid. I'm just saying that you need to dream. Don't let me be the only dreamer in the world.

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