Failing "Mission Generation"

May 7, 2012
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One of the problems the world has today is failing “Mission Generation.”

Kids these days learn, but in a wrong way. Maybe some children see things as normal but really, nothing’s normal when someone’s hurt. Given the fact that many children grew up with loving, supporting parents, or at least with money, they tend to misuse what they have. I don’t blame the parents. I know that they are doing their best in shaping their children to the person that will be respected and will have a bright future, but still they fail. I can’t also blame technology. They have something good with them. They are invented with good intention but people misuse what they are given. What is my point, really? My point is, children are given what they have with good intention but then again, “they misuse them.”

One day, on my way home, I saw a couple of students my age – about 15 or 16 – talking to a boy with ragged clothes. In other words, a street child. As I got closer to them I realized that the poor boy was being bullied. The boy was trying to get something from the student. I didn’t recognize it but it was definitely owned by the boy. The boy was shouting, “Come on. Give it back! Give it back!” And what did one of the students say? “Brush your teeth first!” And his friends burst out laughing behind him. The poor boy gave up and walked away from them. At that time, I became disappointed with how they treated him.

Compare them and see how much the world has failed with “Mission Generation.” The students who still have their parents, have weekly allowance, unlimited supply of food, nice clothes, education, and get what they want. The poor boy who “possibly” lost his parents, doesn’t have any money, gets his food from the garbage, only wears nice clothes when someone has donated, has never gone to school, and rarely gets what he needs. Those who are at advantage have turned into monsters. Those who are at a disadvantage become eaten by discrimination. Why is that? How can people call these children “Hope to a new and greater world” and “Those who change the world and bring peace”? No one can be blamed. This is reality. But this isn’t normal. Normal is a lot different from reality. Reality hurts and normal is the way things are supposed to be. With this reality present right now, dreams are destroyed before they are formed. With the failed “Mission Generation,” dreams are shattered.

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