April 26, 2012
By Jaime Agustin BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
Jaime Agustin BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
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Oftentimes throughout life, people feel afraid to do certain things, so they regard fear as the culprit of their unwillingness. In reality it is the fear itself that holds them back. Yet this can be overcome, for as FDR once said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”
Foremost, this ideal to me means that no one should ever back down from anything because they are afraid. Fear is only an excuse to not do something and fear is a burden that many people lug around like a cumbersome bag. Sadly most people let their fears inhibit their actions; thus these individuals never live up to their true potential. The people who are able to get past these fears are the ones who turn into truly great people.
Of course, there is not one human being that does not have fears, but the difference is how people handle these fears. Some enable these fears to hold them back while the truly great face these fears and shrug that cumbersome weight off their shoulders. There is a plethora of ways to control fear, but the one action to beating this terror is having a goal to look forward to.
One must grasp this goal as if it is their lifeline on a sinking boat. Hold on, fight, grab that goal and save yourself from this sinking vessel of fear. Do not sink into the murky depths of despair and horror. Climb up out of the turbulent, tempestuous ocean of failure and begin the ascension towards the top. As difficult and impossible as the journey seems, you must strive to carve out a path of your own towards your goal.
The top of the mountain seems higher the more that you climb, yet push on forward, and fight with your whole being. But do not give up. Keep going on, endure the stinging lash of terror and stride forward boldly. Eventually, just when your soul gasps, begs you to stop, pull out your inner strength and ascend towards your dream. Breathless but triumphant, gaze down from the top and reflect on your turbulent quest. Let the expanding, satiating feeling of success swell within your chest and realize the fact that you conquered fear itself.
To assert, I believe that anyone has the potential to reach success, but it takes a truly strong persevererant person to beat their fears. Only those who take fear and not just suppress it, but rein it under their control and truly subdue it are the real winners. As agonizing and faraway that the dream is, combat, wrangle the fear and use it to propel you to the summit.

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