Dealing with Death

April 24, 2012
By wfl123 BRONZE, Maple Plain, Minnesota
wfl123 BRONZE, Maple Plain, Minnesota
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Pain is a crazy thing. It makes people suffer, yet at the same time, pain gives those same people strength. A wise person once said, “It is pain and struggle that show the beauty of life.” Somehow, everyone has pain. Whether it is the homeless man on the street or the girl who just wants to fit in, the reality of pain never ceases to exist.
There is pain in death, and all of humanity will have to suffer the pain of losing someone close to them. Christians are told that the deceased are with God in Heaven, and that they will meet all of their dead friends and family there if they lived an ethical life. People who believe in Hinduism believe that death is not an end, but part of a circle of life in reincarnation. God is said to decide whether the soul of the dead will go to Heaven or Hell in Judaism. All religions have different views on death, and most at least attempt to make death less sorrowful. Death will happen to all of us, but by trusting in religion and having faith in eternity, this difficult time can be transformed into a celebration of strength and of the life of the deceased.
“We gather strength from sadness and from pain. Each time we die, we learn to live again.” -Anonymous

The author's comments:
I had to deal with the death of someone close to me, and I needed to write about it.

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