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April 11, 2012
By daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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The perfect story that my friend told me and that I want to share it with everyone because I believe it has always happened to most of all teenage girls and is a great experience and it was a great experience and i hope that when you read it it would make you realize some of the things you never thought.

It started on the beginning of the school year when everyone had new clothes, new shoes, my friend only had the clothes from last year and only one pair of shoe because her parents didn’t had money to buy her anything new because her dad didn’t had a job since three months ago they were struggling a lot to buy food, pay the rent, and pay the bills. My friend Jennifer was getting really frustrated because she was almost the only girl at school that was always wearing the coolest stuff like new bags that hadn’t even come out as you can say she was one of the most popular girls at school.

Now that her dad didn’t had a job she couldn’t afford anything not even her lunch, now her mom gave her a home made sandwich and a bottle of water and of course I always try to made her feel better and gave her some of my lunch and some times bought her some snacks from the store, my parents knew about the situation with my friend Jennifer well mostly all the school knew and no one wanted to talk to her she only hanged with me I didn’t had any problem talking to her because if it wasn’t me then who was going to support her and tell her that everything was going to be fine my parents helped a lot too, my dad tried to help Jennifer’s dad find a job and my mom took Jennifer's mom food and invited to her to dinner.

Jennifer got really frustrated because she didn’t had anything that she used to have and she wasn’t used to this thing on not having all that she wanted and she almost always asked me why did it had to happen to her i tried to tell her that everything was going to be fine but it only made it worse she thought that the world had ended for her she didn’t eat of laugh or anything it seemed that her life had no sense. I saw what she was going through so I talked to the school counselor and told her what was happening to my friend Jennifer and she told me that she was going to talk to her so the next day I saw Jennifer and she thanked me because the counselor had made her realized a lot of stuff and from then on she started accepting her self not but what she had or how good she could look and how much she could buy but how was she was from the inside was what it matter and she started to accept the fact that her parents couldn’t afford the things she was used to and even better her parents had a better economic situation that’s how she learned to face the problems.

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