April 15, 2012
By , pawnee city, NE
Okay so it's getting into summer and some people are in relationships others are getting they're heart broken and some of us just want a good guy! But you got to be careful.
Over the past few weeks I have realized that your heart is a fragile thing. I had this guy who was my best friend like me. I was so scared of getting my heart broken I put up my walls to protect it. Turns out that just makes it break most when he realizes that he's chasing a girl who doesn't care even though I did care. I mean I am not saying that you got it to the first fool that comes around. Because he just might break it. I had a guy a while ago take my heart and I had a hard time getting it back and even then it was broken. So give it some breaths and let it explore. Sure you'll make mistakes and you'll hurt but we are teenagers it happens. But make sure you keep your heart safe.

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