Live your life

April 1, 2012
By Anonymous

What is life? 21st century is filled with latest technologies, many answers but not this one, what is life? Life is a kind of boat which takes you to different kinds of river’s. There maybe waterfalls sometimes and it is possible that there is no one in the boat with you. All you have to do is be there for your ownself, face it whatever and however it is. Being a coward and scribing will just be like proving your own self weak. Its like saying you are a tree and a big saw named life will cut you through your weakest part and bring you down on your knees. Its up to you after that, you either cry and cry over spilt milk or you let things go by facing then and enjoy this journey. Everyone knows the final destination for this journey? Yes, everyone is scared of this 5 letter word named “death”. It is well said in many poems that even if you are a king, you are kept in the same kind of grave as the beggar. The point is how you reach the final destination. You have two options, either cry, crib and waste this gift or you can live laugh enjoy and then let the world remember you. There maybe millions of walls lay infront of you, you can either get scared and bang into each on of them or you can break each one and move ahead. It is well said that small matters lead up to big ones and solving a small matter will not eventually give rise to a big one. There maybe problems with your parents or one of them or maybe both of them could be already in the final destination, there maybe millions and thousands of difficulties in life but hey, that’s what life is all about, just live, move on, forgive and forget. The final destination maybe near all you do is live and let the world remember you ....

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Read it and reflect

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