Fighting off the Unwanted

April 2, 2012
He was just a boy lost in a big world full of hurt and anger; he didn’t know what to do. His name is Bobby James Wynn; he’s twenty years old and he was born in Crosby MN; he grew up Lutheran and was raised catholic; he is now a born again Christian.
At the age of seventeen, Bobby decided to go his own way, he was sickened by being depressed, hurt, judged and not accepted for whom he was. It started out what seemed to be a good life at home until alcohol came into the picture. Bobby always wanted a dad who would play basketball with him; he just wanted that one-on-one time like all the other boys in town, Bobby never got that time because his biological dad left him when Bobby was just three.
Candy Wynn was a beginning teen when she gave birth to Bobby; she raised him at the age of fourteen. There were a lot of divorces through his short life, which led him to experiment with alcohol, sex, and drugs. He wanted to fit in, so he started partying a lot during high school and hung out with the kids he called “friends” but they were just bad influences on him. Bobby started using LSD, Pills, Marijuana, and Shrooms. Due to his behavior he went through many foster homes and schools.
Bobby successfully graduated from Burnsville high school in the class of 2011, after dropping out for a year due to excessive partying. But, right after graduation, he got back into his old ways and started partying and using drugs constantly. He struggled with depression, anxiety, pain, and boredom. He ended up losing his family and friends due to the abuse of the alcohol and drugs. “I turned into Satan’s child, only wanting three things; sex, drugs and money.” Bobby said. He also stated “I’ve seen all classes of life and the sin that revolves around it.” Bobby ended up in jail numerous times; he was also put into foster care and treatment.
On July 28, 2011 at 8pm Bobby’s life changed unexpectedly. He crashed, His heart still and hard as a stone. The week before the crash, Bobby was smoking Meth, drinking alcohol, and popping pills due to several weeks of depression. He wasn’t feeling any better, so he decided to mix all three together, and he overdosed.
Bobby was rushed to the hospital by his friend, Gene. He recalls this. “When I was being taken to the hospital, I experienced death for what seemed to be an endless time. While I was dead I remember screaming which sounded like an utterly tormented soul on the verge of complete brokenness, I remember the fierce fire burning against my flesh; then unexpectedly I saw a bright light coming towards me; I knew I was being rescued. The light touched me and I remember waking up to the doctors yelling Bobby, Bobby please, don’t do this!” Bobby was on life support for three hours, when he awoke he said he felt brand new and didn’t even have the urge for the drugs or alcohol.
Today, Bobby is spreading the word of scripture and sharing his testimony to the drug abusers, rape victims, or just anyone in general. He uses Facebook and twitter as a source to get the message out there. He gave his life to Christ on August 8 2011 and had the feeling to heal the hurt and bring them hope and restoration. Bobby says “I’m Living for Christ Completely now. If any trials come my way, I'm going to let go, pray, & give them away.”

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