Declaration Against the Culture

March 23, 2012
By ecramer.2013 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
ecramer.2013 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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When in the course of worldly views, it becomes crucial to break the bonds of the twisted mind-sets positioned upon the children of today, the elimination of the innocence flowing throughout the small children has plucked off every remaining petal of hope, and it is the only solution to fertilize the scarce remaining seeds.

I hold this genuineness to be self-evident, that our culture needs examined head to toe. Its perverse behavior presents itself as pleasure-filled and “once-in-a-lifetime,” but the door behind is a dark, polluted existence. With images of indecency flashing throughout the billboards of life, the evil mixture creeps along the sides of young lives only waiting to find one minuscule fault to leak in to. While under proper circumstances these pleasures are acceptable, yet its ways have veiled itself to hoodwink young minds that only possess as little as five years. Its disgusting conduct has demented minds to trust uncontrolled behavior in life is in proper health to obtain. Its behaviors have made people glare upon some with hatred for they do not take part in their vicious ways. It has taken the pure and brainwashed the youth into valuing the impure. Its customs have made the consideration of a young respectable man or woman unheard of. For too long has it inched its pathetic shadow over the adolescence and no longer shall its filthy ways be accepted. Its acts of cruelty are as stated:

It has denied females the word beautiful unless they paint themselves opposite of their factual appearance and for attempting to rationalize the idea of less clothing equals beauty.
It has planted the theme of “it’s all about me!” into every immature garden and in return sprouted a thorn-filled plant.
It has continuously practiced the term “out of sight out of mind” to neglect the hopeless and needy, that as time progresses have become mute.
It has taken the status of “pure” and evilly twisted it into “not cool” due to nonparticipation in its senseless actions such as drinking, smoking and drug usage.
It has grouped using drugs as a human right that like magic can repair an aching soul, little do these tricked minds know, it performs the contrary.
For rejoicing the pregnancy of a fifteen year old girl as a “gift from god” or a “miracle.”
For shattering the window of abstinence and deeming waiting till marriage immoral, for feeling pleasure is of the importance first.

For drilling, without cease, provocative images through cemented minds with every form of entertainment.
For telling our youth that engraving a knife through flesh to expose their hurting soul’s blood will ease the pain of this tainted world and that diminishing their existence is the only answer.
For shoving and shoving and shoving God out of our government, schools and our generation’s lives, thinking IT can solve all.
I, Therefore a saddened, bewildered adolescent stand in astonishment to this wounded world. I watch my generation degrade before my eyes as they, like dying weeds, struggle in despair to clutch my arm and drag me beneath the cold, murky dirt along with them. I will fight in the name of the innocent toddlers who I watch giggle, unknowingly of the world they were alleged to obtain, and unrevealed to this cold-shouldered world. Righted to encounter this sterile, achievable world, I, with God by my side, brawl in opposition to this uncontrolled culture. I vow on no account to give up on these blameless children of today, and to never mislay hope of a potential respectable world someday.

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