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March 14, 2012
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925 million people die from hunger related causes. Everyday, about 16,000 children die from hunger. That is one child every 5 seconds. Are you going to sit back and do nothing about all of these hungry dying people? Can you live with yourself if you know children are out there suffering? There is enough food in the world for everyone, so nobody should go hungry.

Food goes to waste everyday. The United States throws away around 263,013,699 pounds a day. This food could be going to people that actually need it. The United States spends about 1 million dollars a year just to dispose of food waste. Just think if all that money could go to people that are desperate for food.

You may be thinking how can I help? I am just a kid! Or, how can I get involved? You can give simple donations to a fundraiser or organization. We cannot just sit around and wait for it to change. We have to be the change. Do you have a spare dollar? Sitting on your counter? Wrinkled deep in your pocket? Did you know that one dollar can feed one child for a day? You can change somebody’s life.

Do you buy cigarettes? Candy? Gum? Oh yeah! You mean the things you don’t need? People are buying items, food, and other things that they don’t need at all. Instead of buying cigarettes, candy gum, etc, donate that money to someone who truly needs it. People say they don’t have money to spare, but then go get the latest ipad? If you have big money, would it kill you to share? If you don’t it could kill someone else.

I understand that it would be a lot of money for transportation. I understand that it would be hard to get people the food. But, I believe that it is possible. Yeah, it will be hard and difficult to accomplish, but people are loosing their lives to something we could possible fix. People waste food, are greedy with money that they could easily give, and spend money on items they don’t need. If people just sit around and wait for someone to help, it won’t happen. We have to work together. There is enough food in the world for everybody, so nobody should go hungry.

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