I Coined the Term Hipster

March 14, 2012
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Last weekend was our retreat and I finally found myself. I finally know who I want to become. I can finally appreciate the little things in life others easily look past. Finally. I haven’t said a cuss word in a week and without God I wouldn’t have the determination to overcome these differences. I haven’t had any temptations, either. And one I am most proud of, I haven’t exploited anyone through their incapabilities to grasp simple concepts of life. I’m writing a book now. I’m questioning what life really is, you know. Just the other day I found myself staring into nothingness in class. I have these thoughts where I presume everything not presented or capable of detecting via the five senses are simply a void in space. And come to think of it, it makes absolute sense. Nobody knows they actually have a brain inside their temple, because you can’t watch your brain in real life time (you only know of the existence because we are taught to assume it true). But that got me thinking, what am I really sure I possess? The material objects no longer fascinate me. I was trapped in the cell people call freedom. But to be really free, is to enlighten and broaden your understanding of things. What is really outside your room? When you question these things you can no longer be positive of whats really present or not. What’s outside your sight is irrelevant to you right now. The back of your head, how do you know it exists? You can only tell when you look in a mirror or grab it with your so called hands. But what about the time where your hands aren’t laid upon the back of you skull? Are you sure it is present? I’m growing up and my concern for the future of society is stupendously increasing. Kids care too much for inanimate objects that won’t function as well come ten years later. Kids care too much for trends. Last week the Kony video started up, and before you assume that I am a heartless, ignorant, d*bag- understand where I’m coming from when I say what good is liking a status on Facebook going to do. This is the thing that saddens me the most. Kids sitting on computer chairs believing they are making a difference. The generations to come will only get worse. Soon real life problems will be simply ignored because the virtual life will have consumed your real life. I think it’d be awesome to meet someone in person for the first time and getting to know them each time we meet. Meeting, adding on Facebook, texting, calling, and then meeting again is the death of all relationships. The world is so easily amused. The world is too connected. I fear the day we are birthed into robot suits. I fear the day our personalities are identical. I fear the day I become you. I fear the day the entire world is knowledgable. One day this Earth will be inhabitable and the days are only growing shorter. If the world wasn’t so stuck on these maniacal industries and fantasies we’d actually be progressing. I find it ironic that those fighting for our freedom to do what we love get paid less than those doing what they love. Militants getting paid fractions while bench players in the NBA live a glamorous lifestyle. The jokes on the people that pay so much for these facades. Give up your possessions. Give up your amusement for an extravagant lifestyle… Soon you will realize that no longer is having something a trend, but giving up things for a sensation of being enlightened will elate you. I always thought of it this way: you buy a soda for a temporary satisfaction. You’re not purchasing the drink, rather, purchasing the sensation of simply not being thirsty anymore. Likewise, spending money is a temporary solution to boredom. Temporary. Grow up and breathe in the gifts God hath given us. Look around you, appreciate.

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